How it Works



Prospects are required to register on the website, provide all necessary information, and create an account.


To participate in order to make profits, a member is expected to donate to the pool and wait to be assigned to make a transfer to another member.

A member participates by clicking on DONATE, select the amount they wish to donate and wait to make a transfer.

Receiving Donation

After the transfer is made to another member and is confirmed by the member, you are eligible to receive with a profit of 50% added to your donation. You are expected to click on RECEIVE DONATION and wait for payment which will be transferred to you by another member(s) of which only your initial capital is paid with the 50% profit left in the system which is released on the next donation paid i.e. the moment you make a second payment, the profit is instantly released and another member is assigned to make a transfer to you. Based on availability, receiving members are queued and will receive payments in 0-7 days.

After receiving, a member is expected to repeat the process by donating again.




Important: This site was created to be a donation platform and is not meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Participants are advised to participate with funds they are not desperate for. Do not use your rent, school fees, feeding money, etc. to participate. We mean the best for all but cannot guarantee the outcome of donations.