Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register on cediplus?
Visit, provide the required details and create an account.

What is the Return On Investment (ROI)?
All members earn 50% of all donations made.

What is the duration for donations made?
Members are due to receive payments beginning from day 6 after donating.

What are the packages available for donation?
The packages are 100GHC, 200GHC, 500GHC, 1000GHC, and 2000GHC

Can I type in any amount I wish to donate?
No. Members can only donate the specified amounts in the system.

Is there a recommitment policy?
Yes there is an easy to use recommitment policy.

How does the recommitment policy work?

When a member donates, on day 6 of that donation, the amount he/she donates is returned to the member while the profit remains in the system. The amount given the member is what is expected of him or her to recommit with. On recommitting, the profit of the previous donation is released for payment instantly. Not that the recommitment is a new donation which will yield its profit also. Please check out HOW IT WORKS for more details.

When I donate, how long before I am matched to pay?
A member can be asked to make payment within 0-5days.

How long am I given to make payment when matched?
Every member is given 24 hours to make payment when matched.

What happens when a member fails to make payment within 24 hours?
The account of such members are suspended

What happens when a member expecting to be paid is not paid by the member matched to make payment after 24hours?
The account of such member is rematched and another member due to make payment is asked to pay him/her (Rematch)

In the event I am matched to pay another member and the phone number is not reachable, what do I do?
You are expected to make payment and upload proof of payment.

I do not have mobile banking. Can I participate?
All members are expected to have mobile banking as weekends are part of the transactions.

Can a member have more than one donation at a time?
Yes members can have more than one donation at a time provided they have paid the first donation and it is confirmed, then they can go ahead to create a new donation.

What is the benefit of having multiple donations running?
With more than one donation, a member can have both capital and profit released on second donation every time.

Can I donate higher than the amount I started with?
Yes you can. Note that the highest amount a member can donate is 2000GHC.

Can I donate less than the amount I previously donated?
No. A member can only donate same amount or higher but not above 2000GHC, except he/she has more than one donation running at same time.

Will my profit continue to grow if I refuse to withdraw it?
Every donation is entitled to 50% profit only and will now yield more than 50%

How much do I get for referring members?
A member gets 5% of all donations made by members he/she refers to cediplus.

Is the referral bonus a once-off bonus?
No. the referral bonus continues as long as the members under you continue to make donations.

Can I get bonuses from members who do not use my link?
No. referral bonus is only calculated based on the donations of those who use your link to register.

Where can I find my link in order to share to others?
You can find the link at the top of the overview page when you login. Or, click on referrals and it is displayed and the top of the referral page.

Can I have multiple accounts?
We do not encourage multiple accounts because we have established this system so members can participate in fairness and without greed.

Is sharing of testimonies compulsory?
We expect that all members who receive share their testimonies as testimonies are the life-line of every crowdfunding system. Testimonies encourage other members as well as new members to join the system which keeps the doors open.

Can the server of cediplus host up to 10,000 members?
Yes, the server is hosted can host a minimum of 1million members anda maximum of 10million which can be expanded when the need arises.

How long can this system last?
We have a vision to be around for many years to come, hence we have put in place various measures and believe the dream will be realised where Ghanaians will see cediplus as a name be reckoned with.

Can I organise a seminar on the behalf cediplus?
Yes you can provided you follow the guidelines and stick to the rules and operations of cediplus.

Can I make donations using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?
Not at the moment. But, cediplus is looking forward to introducing cryptocurrency donations alongside the donations in our local currency.

What happens when I am no longer interested?

We do not force members to participate whatsoever. Hence, a member is free to stop participation whenever he/she deems fit.

Can I request all funds in my account be paid me if I decide to stop participation?
A member cannot withdraw all funds because of the recommitment policy in place which is meant to protect the interest of all members.





Important: This site was created to be a donation platform and is not meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Participants are advised to participate with funds they are not desperate for. Do not use your rent, school fees, feeding money, etc. to participate. We mean the best for all but cannot guarantee the outcome of donations.